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Numismatic Catalog of Venezuela : 12th Collectors Convention of Maracaibo

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Detail of event

12th Collectors Convention of Maracaibo

Saturday June 22nd, 2019

12th Convention of Collectors of Maracaibo

On Saturday, June 22th, 2019, the "12th Convention of the Collectors of Maracaibo" will be held in the city of Maracaibo in conjunction with the 9th special auction of Maracaibo, at the Hotel Intercontinental facilities.

During the convention, there will be an allegorical souvenir for the event that you can see in the issuance poster (Adobe Acrobat PDF file300.09 KiB).
You can also see the auction catalog at this link

General Program

* 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM - Convention of Collectors
* 6:00 PM - Special Auction

Remember that Collecting is very broad; Shares, Bank Pouches, Barajitas, Bills, Bottles, food coupons, Old Checks, Pills, Traveler's Checks, Old Documents, Stamps, Tokens, Books, Medals, Coins, Credit Cards, Phonecards, Automobile License Plates, and Any Other article you want to collect.

Place of the Event: Hotel Intercontinental (*****) Av.2 (El Milagro) - Telef. -1 +58-261-7907777
If you stay at this Hotel, and you say you are coming to the Convention, they promise to give a discount!

If you come from another city, apart from the Hotel del Lago Tibisay, we suggest the following Hotels that are relatively close to the place of the event.

  • Hotel Oceania (****)Calle 78 Dr. Portillo. Telef. -3 (0261)-4116401 (recomendado)
  • Hotel Jolie Calle 73 entre Av. 15 y 14-A. Sector Delicias +58 261 7985157 (recomendado)
  • Hotel El Paseo (*****) - Av.1-B (Sector El Milagro) - Telef. -2 (0261)-7922266
  • ApartHotel Presidente (***) - Av.11 - Telef. -2 (0261)-7983133
  • Hotel Cumberland (***) - Calle 86-A entre Santa Rita y Bella Vista - Telef. -2 (0261)-7222224
  • Hotel Gran Delicias (***) - Av.15 (Delicias) - Telef. -2 (0261)-7976111
  • Hotel Santa Bárbara (**) - Av.3-F con Calle 72 - Telef. -2 (0261)-7926405
Any questions or additional questions can be sent to any of these emails: icon or -1 +58-424-6276171

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