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Banknotes from Banco de Venezuela : 20 Bolívares : Junio 18 1936 : Design D, Type A

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Piece bbdv20bs-da14-6 (Obverse)
Photo from piece bbdv20bs-da14-6. Photograph credits: Numisur


Piece bbdv20bs-da14-6 (Reverse)
Photo from piece bbdv20bs-da14-6. Photograph credits: Numisur


  • Date: Junio 18 1936
  • Size: 75 x 172 mm
  • Obverse: In the center, a cowboy riding a horse alongside the cattle. Above, the issuer name "BANCO DE VENEZUELA" - "SOCIEDAD ANONIMA", and a rosette with the denomination value "20" each side, and below the denomination in words "VEINTE BOLIVARES" «twenty Bolívares» and the payment clause "PAGADEROS AL PORTADOR EN LAS OFICINAS DEL BANCO" «Payments to the Bearier in the Offices of the Bank». On the upper left, the the legend of the capitalization amount "CAPITAL Bs. 24.000.000". On the upper right, the date "CARACAS, ______". Below the payment clause, the signatures.
  • Reverse: Green background pattern. In the center, inside a circle Coat of Arms with the motto "INDEPENDENcia", "LIBERTAD", "5 DE JULIO 1811", "28 DE MARZO 1864" and "DIOS Y FEDon", on each side the denomination value "20" within a rosette each side. Above and below the Coat of Arms the issuer name "BANCO DE VENEZUELA".
  • Production information: July 1928: 250,000 pieces (serie 6, interval 550001 - 800000), September 1931: 150,000 pieces (serie 6, interval 800001 - 950000), December 1936: 100,000 pieces (serie 6 and 7, interval 950001 - 999999 and 1000000 - 1050000), September 1937: 300,000 pieces (serie 7, interval 1050001 - 1350000), August 1939: 30,000 pieces (serie 7, interval 1350001 - 1380000)
  • Signatures: "Por el Banco de Venezuela" «p.p. Banco de Venezuela» and "Por el Banco de Venezuela" «p.p. Banco de Venezuela»

Issues (1)

SCWPM Piece Code Date Serie Amount
N/Lbbdv20bs-da14-6 Junio 18 1936
Detail x
Known 911567 - 911937

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